What to look for in a personalized training center?

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A personal trainer is one who gives you personal training, that is, adapted to you and only you. Personalized training is something that will favor your physical condition for many reasons that we will talk about later, think that if you are looking for a gym in Fuengirola or Malaga, you should also look for that personalized training center that meets your objectives.


What are the goals of personal training?

The personal trainer is your personal trainer, that is, the one who sets the previously established training objectives for you. This must offer you all the technology, resources and time that is in their hands and you have agreed.

In this process you look for maximum efficiency in the exercises, so that the results are much faster and more effective than if you do the training on your own, in addition, having a personal trainer is much healthier, since he will tell you how to perform certain exercises that we usually do wrong and that in the long run create injuries (For this reason we recommend that if you are going to train regularly you have a good physiotherapist to visit, as they will help you prevent injuries and recover from them). For this reason, trust is important, that if there are physical but also personal problems, communicate it to your personal trainer or your trusted physio, since he will adapt the exercises and motivate you to get out of that bubble of negativity that perhaps does not allow you to give 100 percent of you.



Injury prevention or healing of these

A personalized training center not only helps us to prevent injuries, since with a personal trainer, you will not perform the exercises in the wrong way or those that can damage previous problems that you know you have. On the other hand, if you suffer an injury, the best way to have a 100% recovery is by performing programmed exercises to strengthen certain affected muscles and joints recommended by a physiotherapy professional. Therefore, the advice of a personal trainer is the best option to avoid further damaging that ailment.

How many cases are there of chronic ankle sprains due to poor healing, which could have been avoided with a visit to your podiatrist or with a good rehabilitation and exercise table to strengthen the calves, the ankle and of course the foot in general.


So what are you looking for in a personalized training center?

For me, I was lucky with my Gym. Fuengirola, for example, has little variety of gymnasiums, but I have been lucky to find the one that works perfect for me. That he has a variety of personal trainers, that they give me that personalized training that I need, that takes into account my past injuries, and my future goals.

The personal training that they offer you must be really personalized, and the exercises must be explained, a diet established and a weight and fat monitoring must be established, where you see your progress and your problems, because these will also arise, and the personal trainer must look for a solution or at least find the reason for the problem.

For all the above, before any hiring, interview your coaches, find out about their studies, their training method and what the training process is like, everything is important before committing faithfully to your personalized training.

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